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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Don't be boxed in with stale ideas and never be afraid to venture outside the box and take chances. Some of my best recipes have come about by input from clients and even my significant other and friends. Inspiration does not have to be localized to what may or may not be happening at a given time within the gray matter. Being flexible is important---things can flow and take root at the most auspicious or inauspicious times.

Look at the way Reese's came about--combining peanut butter and chocolate and even for those that are a little more adventurous the chocolate dipped bacon at fairs. I've had a good friend who falls into the 'corporate client' category who always tasks me to come up with seasonal flavors and new ideas. He asks me, "What do you have that's new??" Since he orders many cakes at one time for clients and associates alike, I sometimes have to go to my mental drawing board and start by using the formulas at hand and then building out from a bare framework of an idea. More times than not the exercise is fruitful. At times, new cake flavors even turns out great on the very first test baking. When that happens--I'm like--YES!!

For example, this past holiday season--he asked

me about doing an APPLE cake---I thought about it for a moment and daydreamed about the perfect apple pie with the absolute perfect about of sweetness--tartness--unctuous mouth feel--and that hint of cinnamon. All of a sudden --there it was: Kent's Cinnamon Apple Cake---and then another idea was born---adding RUM. Boom! We had Kent's Cinnamon Apple Rum Cake. Voila!! Perfect harmony in the universe!

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