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KENT'S CAKES--The Sweet Taste of Paradise

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

I was told a long time ago that the first rule of business is do what you know best. The second and only other rule is just as important as the first--which is do what you are passionate about.

Growing up in a Caribbean family--I have always known the important of fresh ingredients, a table that always had an extra seat for someone, and the importance of family. I was brought up knowing where my food came from and appreciating produce, fresh eggs, and tropical and seeing exotic ingredients being within arm reach. There is nothing like picking a mango from a tree growing outside--mangoes you rarely see the states---a passionfruit from the vine--or drinking straight from a coconut that has been freshly chopped so you can drink the sweet water filled with electrolytes and goodness. Unlike Gatorade--this wasn't made in a lab and the health benefits are well known.

This was my childhood--my upbringing--a slice of life that seemed altogether normal and ordinary. Kent's Cakes became an extension of what I had already experienced as a young man growing up in God's backyard. I wanted to marry these tropical flavors and create the best Rum Cakes infused with the best Jamaican rum, cage-free eggs, natural vanilla, the best quality flour, butter, and most importantly the L word--love. Marrying these flavors in the cake and allowing them to be perfectly balanced took the a great deal of time as I wanted there to be a perfect balance. I closed my eyes and tasted each fork full of goodness. Perfection was the ultimate goal and has always been achieved each and every time--one cake at a time.

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