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Kent's Vanilla Rum Cake


The first rule of business: do what you know well. The second, follows a simple rule: do what you're passionate about. Here at Kent's Cakes we love what we do. Creating the most delectable and moist cakes ever has been my goal since the inception of the company. We provide a product that  consistently meets and supersedes the expectations of our customers time and time again. We do not use preservatives and other ingredients that you cannot pronounce or want to ingest. 

I was born in Jamaica and grew up traveling a lot back and forth between South Florida and the island. I truly wanted to infuse all my amazing cakes with the vibrant,  fresh tropical flavors that surrounded me and became an important part of my upbringing. My family only used natural and wholesome ingredients when cooking and baking--a lot of which could be found right there on the property. We grew our own guinea fowl, turkeys, and chickens--hence had fresh eggs each and every day. The land had various ackee trees, an abundance of mango trees, passion fruit, sugar cane, tubers growing in the ground, coconut palms, key lime as well as other citrus trees as well as other tropical delights.

When experiencing our gourmet vanilla rum cakes you will immediately notice the beautiful bouquet, the moist crumb, and the best Jamaican rum.  Nothing compares to our original guava, passion fruit, mango, passion fruit mango, lemon, citrus, coconut rum, pineapple, vanilla cream,  and our double chocolate cakes. I only use 100% real fruit purees, premium flour, and natural vanilla extract. All my cakes are amazingly flavorful and rich. I have never and will never will cut corners as every cake is lovingly made to order. We are honored to have your business and will try our best to make your birthday, anniversary, corporate function or special event a memorable one. Spread the love! From our kitchen to your table!

Thank you,


President, Owner, and Chief Recipe Developer

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